AISO Architecture
& Interior Support Office


Architecture & Interior Support Office (AISO) is a multi-disciplinary firm of consulting engineers, interior designers and graphics designers. Our office is located in Beirut - Lebanon. We are designers and digital artists who have the expertise and resources to design infrastructure and buildings and graphics visualization using the modern technology. Throughout our design work, we aim to provide quality, good value and designs, which are practival and can be built efficiently.


Complete design services for residential and commercial projects.

Structure Engineering

Full range of consulting structural engineering services to architects, owners, builders and sub-contractors.

Master Planning

From city wide comprehensive plans to detailed developments for private projects.

Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Analysis, design and construction management for the transmission, distribution, generation and control of electric energy, in addition to a full range of mechanical engineering services.

Landscape Architecture

A garden should be functional, attractive and sustainable.

Interior Design And Decoration

Creative as well as functional solutions for any surrondings. A garden should be functional, attractive and sustainable.


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